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Embrace Sustainability: Transition to Cupless Racing for a Greener Future.

The average Marathon Runner uses more then 50 paper or plastic cups during a race

With the ever-growing concern over disposable cups and their environmental impact, it is crucial that we take proactive steps to implement sustainable alternatives. 

With our #gocupless initiative, we’re working to eliminate disposable cups at Endurance events by providing runners with reusable Speed Cups to use instead of disposable cups. In doing so, we aim to further reduce the amount of waste in the running community.

By working together, we can actively prevent the use of disposable cups, eliminate wastage, and ensure our trails and roads are free from discarded cups. Let’s join forces and make cupless racing the norm in our events.

The Environmental Concerns


trees cut down
each year to produce
single use paper cups


single paper cups
used in large

1 Pound

emissions generated
in production of only 4
single use paper cups

Choose to Reuse: Speed Cup

Runners have the opportunity to reduce waste and lessen their environmental footprint by adopting cupless racing. 

Rather than relying on single-use cups, they can opt for lightweight, collapsible, and reusable solutions like Speed Cups or other hydration systems. This sustainable choice is not only convenient and easily storable in pockets but also fosters environmental awareness within the running community. 

Embracing cupless racing serves as a commendable model, curbs waste production, and plays a part in shaping a more eco-friendly future for the sport.

How to carry a Speed Cup

The Speed Cup is meticulously crafted with a focus on lightweight design, ensuring easy handling and foldability. Its compact size allows for effortless stowing in various spaces, making it incredibly versatile for runners. Whether it’s tucked into pockets, secured to belts, or stored in gear compartments, the Speed Cup remains conveniently accessible while taking up minimal space. Its ingenious design maximizes convenience without compromising functionality.






Transition to Cupless Event

Successful models. Race Directors have chosen the following.


Announce to your runners that your race or race series has decided to stop disposing of disposable cups at aid stations from the date X.

Provide cups or offer them for purchase at packet pick-up or ask runners to bring their own drinking vessel.


Some races are phasing in cupless racing to avoid confusion on race day and to raise awareness.

Many start by providing Speed Cups to runners at packet pick-up or as part of a goodie bag. Athletes are asked to use the cups on the course, but disposable cups are also available if needed.

In the second year, these races usually introduce a 100% cup-free model.


Invite runners to opt for a cupless race. Offer them the opportunity to reduce their individual disposable footprint by committing to run a cup-free race.

Those who choose to do so should receive a Speed Cup or a discount on an alternative reusable drinking cup.

Set targets to increase the percentage of runners who choose to do this over time.

Personalised Speed Cups

Races and events can purchase our standard blue Speed Cups in bulk at discounted prices. Personalization options are available for branding your event organization. Additionally, customizing the Speed Cups with sponsor logos is a great way to generate funds for your cupless project.

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