Keeping your reservoir clean is key to extending its life and keeping your water fresh. Unlike, cleaning other reservoirs, NDURE reservoirs are top-shelf dishwasher safe and most are reversible which makes cleaning and drying easy.

As simple as it gets - reverse by placing your hand in the reservoir (make sure it's empty!), grab the bottom, and pull it back through the top opening. It's just like turning a sock inside-out. The molded opening can also be flipped after the reservoir body has been reveresed. Then, throw it in the dishwasher or rince with mild soap and water. Make sure to let the reservoir dry out completely while reversed.

Method One - Fill your reservoir with warm water and use a bottle brush along with mild soap to scrub it clean. Rinse well and hang it upside down to dry.

Method Two - Fill your reservoir with warm water and drop in one-two cleaning tablets, slide the top close and let sit for fifteen to thirty minutes (depending on the residue situation). Rinse and hang upside down to dry.