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NDURE - Active Hydration, is a Dutch owned and managed company, with manufacturing operations in China. Active Hydration is a Hydration Equipment Specialist that knows what hydration reservoirs and bottles should and shouldn’t do. We have perfected them with patented, innovative design elements, building a reputation for the toughest built, easiest to use, taste-free, quality hydration delivery systems available.

Our Hydration Products Manufacturing Facilities:

  • ISO9002 and ISO14385 Certified
  • All Molded Parts Produced in Controlled Environment to Eliminate Contaminants
  • Class-100K Cleanroom for Product Assembly and Packaging
  • Continuous Quality Control Monitoring System
  • Quality Assurance Samples of All Production
  • On-site Engineering & Product Development
  • In-House Tooling Capabilities

New Product Development: Active Hydration’s engineering staff in Dongguan China and the EU can work with your Marketing & Engineering departments to co-develop products in accordance with your Product Specifications. We can work from existing engineering files, or from a simple solid model of the desired product, and create all of the engineering files for piece parts and the assembled product, as well as create a costed Bill-of-Materials. We employ the following software in our engineering department; Pro-E, SolidWorks and AutoCAD.

Design for Manufacturing: Product designs optimized for high-volume, high-yield, low-cost manufacturing in China. Materials selected during design are metric, and readily available in China. Our product design, manufacturing and quality teams can optimize product designs for high-volume, high-yield, low-cost manufacturing in China. Process control and quality control systems implemented before production begins assure that optmium yields and quality levels are achieved for all shipments.

Industrial Design: In conjunction with an industrial design firm located in the EU , we can create multiple styles, looks and features based upon your Marketing & Engineering product requirements, to achieve products which are very unique and which are designed to become major successes in your market. Active Hydration can create multiple options of product industrial designs, with unique and interesting looks and features, from which your marketing people can select the most desirable design for the product.

Rapid Prototypes: Our rapid prototype capabilities in China, can quickly produce fully functional products, with features and finishes that are very much like off-tool, production products. Lead times are short, and the costs are a fraction of such prototypes produced in the EU or USA. Our engineers can also take a product design in SolidWorks, convert the software to a CAD program, and create all piece parts to to produce a fully functional looks-like/works-like functional prototype of the product. Once the product engineering is complete, Active Hydration will produce functional rapid prototypes for User studies, and for functional testing prior to product tooling.

Design for Asian Production: Active Hydration has over 15 years experience of manufacturing products in Asia, and has the engineering resources and expertise to implement a smooth and successful production start-up of your product.


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