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Improved Hydration

Reusable + Durable

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) forms the foundation of every flexible hydration product we create. We’ve relied on it for nearly two decades for one simple reason – it outperforms any other material for our specific needs. Firstly, its strength is remarkable, capable of stretching up to 8 times its original size without fracturing. This resilience allows us to utilize minimal material while still meeting our strength requirements.

Consequently, our hydration products are 3 to 6 times lighter compared to their hard plastic or stainless steel counterparts, a critical factor for athletes where every ounce counts. Additionally, TPU offers safety and dependability, being 100% BPA and PVC free. Every product we offer adheres to or surpasses the most stringent national food safety standards worldwide.

Radio Frequency Welding

We choose to work with TPU for several reasons, one of which is its exceptional response to radio-frequency welding, a technique used to fuse film or molded pieces together. This process involves passing electricity through the TPU material from an anode to a cathode, which excites the material at an atomic level, generating highly localized heat. This heat enables molecules in the two pieces of material to bond so thoroughly that the weld site becomes structurally as robust as the surrounding material. Furthermore, we employ an “overlap” welding method whenever feasible, significantly enhancing the durability of the welds and eliminating creases where bacteria could potentially thrive.

Throughout our nearly two decades of producing hydration products, our mastery of RF welding TPU has positioned us as leaders in the industry.

Reversible Slider Seal Hydration

In our early reservoir designs, we adopted roll-top closures similar to those found on dry bags. The wide top opening facilitated easy addition of water and ice, while equally crucial was its capability to be completely inverted for effortless cleaning and drying, thus minimizing bacteria growth between uses. These advantages over competitors’ reservoirs made it imperative for us to retain this feature when engineering our current Slider Seal Top closure.

Through extensive research and numerous iterations, we’ve achieved a leak-proof, user-friendly design that enables thorough cleaning and drying by allowing reversible access to every corner. Moreover, this design utilizes four times less injection-molded plastic, resulting in significantly lighter reservoirs compared to competitor models.

Design with Intention

Every NDURE product is meticulously crafted, with each component playing a crucial role in its overall performance. We understand that even the slightest flaw in one part can impact the product’s performance negatively. That’s why we dedicate hundreds of hours to scrutinizing every element that comprises a reservoir or bottle bearing our name. From tubing and bite valves engineered for superior flow rates to the development of Isolation Technology for enhanced fluid temperature control, we continually strive for performance improvements without compromising on durability or weight.

Our choice of TPU is based on its exceptional lightweight yet robust characteristics, while RF welding ensures precision and seam strength capable of withstanding extreme conditions. The Slider Seal Top, crafted with minimal plastic usage, guarantees leakproof performance, making our reservoirs the most user-friendly and easy to clean on the market.

Our designs prioritize lightweight functionality because we design for optimal performance.

Lightweight and Compressible

Due to TPU’s exceptional flexibility, we’re able to create bottles and reservoirs with significantly thinner walls compared to our competitors, without compromising durability. This results in NDURE products leading the outdoor industry in lightweight hydration.

Our soft bottles weigh 3 to 6 times less than popular one-liter bottles made from hard plastic or single-walled stainless steel. Furthermore, our bottles are highly compressible; when empty, they roll up smaller than a deck of cards for convenient storage in packs or pockets. As you drink from them, they compress, taking up less space in your pack and minimizing water slosh on rough terrain.

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